Individual Design

Every person is different. You have different goals and time constraints. What works for someone else may not work for you. 

The ID program is a comprehensive approach to your fitness. We will tailor the program to your goals and your needs. All ID plans include the following elements:

  • Nutrition - This is the foundation of fitness and we place a high importance on this. We'll develop a nutrition plan tailored to your goals, body composition, and other details.
  • Private one-on-one training - Your coach will guide you through workouts to ensure that your form, technique, and intensity are in line with your goals. 
  • Program design - your coach will design your workouts, including work to do on your own, specifically for your needs. You'll also have unlimited email access to your coach.
  • Open gym access - You will be able to complete additional workouts on your own with the workouts provided by your coach.
  • Monthly measurements - Your body composition will be measured each month.
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